How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

By | October 5, 2022

Canada Student Visa: If you are a citizen of any country other than Canada, you need to apply for a student visa in order to legally enter Canada and study there as a foreign student. Here’s how to do it effectively and effortlessly.

How to Apply For Canada Student Visa Online

In the event that you’re anticipating furthering your education in Canada, you’ll have to apply for a study visa. The application process is basic and should be possible online. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to apply for a Canada study visa.

Understanding the Requirements for a Student Visa

It is important to take note of the requirements before applying for a student visa you must understand what is needed for the application.

Almost all the universities and institutions have the same qualifications for international students which include an updated passport, the ability to communicate in either English or French, being accepted by a Canadian school with proof, and proving that you have enough financial resources to sponsor your study as well as sustaining the cost of living in the country.

Process for Getting a Student Visa

Applying for a Canadian study visa can be confusing, and each school has its own requirements. The letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada is very important. This is why it’s so important to start by contacting your university or college and speaking with an admissions counselor. Here’s what you need before starting your application:

A completed and signed application from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (Form CIC-715). You can request that one from your university or college, but don’t be surprised if they tell you it’s better to use their own version—it might be missing some information that CIC requires.

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Students need documents like transcripts and diplomas (or other proof of academic qualification), which they can usually request from their previous school(s).

Depending on where you live another certification might be accepted. The Canadian government requires that students have enough money to support themselves while studying. This can range from $8,000- $17,000 per year but is different for each student.

When to apply for a student visa

Application for a student visa should be made before coming into Canada.

For online registration, visit the website of the Canadian embassy. Select the “Student Visa” from the list of visa types. Fill out the online application form providing valid details to the required information. Take a few minutes to confirm everything before submitting.

In case you decide to process your application through the Canadian embassy office in your country, you will have to fill out, print, and sign all application forms. Bring all of your documents with you when you arrive at an immigration office for an interview. You may be asked about your:

• education plans which include tuition fees, living expenses, and return transportation costs.

• why you’re coming to Canada to study,

• if you have a backup place to support yourself while in Canada,

• your language ability.

Submit Student Visa Application Online

A student visa application can be done either offline using a paper application or online, which can be gotten from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Only credit cards are accepted for the electronic payment of your documents and not debit cards. If you can’t pay by credit card, provide a cheque or money order made out to CIC (Canadian Immigration Centre) and mail it with your application form. Include an international money order payable in Canadian funds and indicate on your application form that you are paying by money order. Make sure that all fees paid are correct. Payment must be in Canadian funds.

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Please note: All fees should be made payable to Citizenship and Immigration Canada unless specifically stated otherwise.

Processing Time for getting a student visa

Students must ensure that their application is complete and accurate before submitting it.

Screening on the CIC website would be done to ascertain if you are qualified to apply for the student visa. The processing time can vary depending on an applicant’s location and citizenship but generally, visas are issued within 60 working days.

Applicants should also keep in mind that they will not be able to enter Canada until they have received their Study Permit through immigration authorities via mail. If they come directly from abroad, they may get into some trouble at customs if their Study Permit has not yet been received by their home country’s immigration services office.

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