How to Apply for Canada Green Card Lottery 2023/2024

By | February 13, 2023

This article details content relating to Canada green card lottery, Canada diversity visa programs, how to apply for Canada green card and other Canadian immigration related information.

There have been a lot of concerns recently about the Canada green card lottery, the Canada visa lottery, and other relevant matters. However, I believed it was necessary to update this so that all overseas nationals planning to come to Canada in one way or another get appropriate information.

What is Canada Green Card?

The word “Green Card” refers to a document status in the United States. This document allows someone or an international foreigner to live, study, work, and reside in the United States permanently. As a result, Canada has its own version of the “Green Card,” known as the Permanent Residency Card in Canada. So don’t be alarmed if we use the word “Green card” to refer to a “permanent residency card.”

What is Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card lottery, also known as the diversity immigration program, is a lottery run by the US government for the purpose of obtaining a US Permanent Resident Card. However, it is also documented that each year, roughly 50,000 foreign nationals are granted permits to permanently reside in the United States through the green card lottery program.

What You Should Know about Canada Green Card Lottery

There’s actually nothing to know about Canada green card lottery because at this moment, the Canadian government don’t offer immigration lottery programs. Although, you may see some online platform promising to deliver Canada green card lottery but they’ll scam platforms. So don’t fall for any. I’ll keep you guys updated anytime the Canadian government make changes on their immigration policy. You can also go through the content I published on Canada visa lottery.

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Benefits of Canada Green Card

There are so many benefits attached to Canada green card or permanent residence card, this includes;

  • Social and medical benefits
  • You can live, study and work anywhere in Canada like a Canadian citizen
  • No international fee attached to any of your activities unlike temporary immigrants. For instance, foreigners who study in Canada as temporary immigrants, they may include international fee on study
  • After a period of residence, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen
  • You’ll also get protection of Canadian law, rights and freedom.

Remember, as a permanent residence, you must pay taxes and also respect the Canadian law and rights.

How to Become Canadian Permanent Residence

You must apply through the Canadian immigration visa program to obtain a green card or permanent residency card in Canada. I previously wrote a guide about Canada’s immigration visa programs. I recommend that you read it and figure out which curriculum is ideal for you. If you are a Canadian immigrant, you can apply for a permanent residency card on their official website.

Travelling with Permanent residence card

It’s advised you have a valid permanent residence car whenever you want to return to Canada because whenever your permanent residence card expires, a new one can’t be shipped outside Canadian address. So make sure you renew before you travel or the period is valid till the date of return. Alternatively, you can make use of your permanent resident travel document.

If you’ve any question relating to Canada green card lottery, please do let me know via comment section. Please don’t forget to share this information with your social friends.

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